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Top 10 E-commerce Operations Solutions to use in 2023



Top 10 E-commerce Operations Solutions to use in 2023

Over the years, e-commerce has become a revolutionary trend in small businesses. Not only has it helped small businesses get more exposure and noticeability. It has also helped to reduce operational costs and grow revenues. 

Companies are now moving from offline to online, and the digital space has become highly competitive. It is one thing to put your business online, and it’s another thing to have good visibility and sales. 

It is estimated that there will be over two billion shoppers in the world as of 2021. It is a new year, and it has gone higher than that. To run a successful e-commerce business without worrying too much about operation, we have compiled top operations solutions that can help you. But first, let us discuss what e-commerce means and its advantages. 

E-commerce Business Made Easy:

What Is a E-commerce Operation Solution?

E-commerce operation solutions is the total of all the processes involved in selling a product online. This covers the activities that take place before a buyer pays for goods through a platform and when the goods arrive at their doorstep. 

These include but not limited to: 

  • Planning a supply chain 
  • Managing a warehouse 
  • Inventory management 
  • Packaging customers’ orders 
  • Shipping
  • Customer service which involves attending to feedback and complaints

Some e-commerce operation solutions come with templates, shipping features, facilities for (digital) inventory management, aspects of shipping, monetary gateways and classification of goods. 

Benefits of Using E-commerce Operation Solutions

Let’s look at why it is important to use e-commerce operation solutions.

  • It ensures easy start-up for business owners with low cost

Your online store can be operational in a matter of minutes when you use operation solutions. This is because you no longer have to worry about minute details instead of focusing on selling.

The vast majority of e-commerce platforms provide round-the-clock customer service. Therefore, you only need to communicate with your team whenever a problem arises. And a speedy solution will be found to the issue.

Most e-commerce operational solutions platforms come with already made themes. All you have to do is tweak the design to your taste. 

Other benefits of using these types of solutions for your e-commerce store is the ability to sell through different channels, as they can all be managed from one dashboard. They also have a checkout section that can enable your customers carry out safe online transactions. 

Here are some of the top 10 best ecommerce operation solution for your business. 


Shopify is a cloud-based ecommerce solution platform meant for any type of business.  It aids in the planning, implementation, and management of your stores across various sales channels. Additionally, it can control social media, markets, and retail outlets.

You may easily create new collections using the Shopify platform. It selects a unique look for your store from among thousands of themes. 

Everyone in your staff can use it because it doesn’t require any programming knowledge or design expertise. You can offer your attractive products on Shopify with the greatest images, prices, and descriptions.

Shopify is a platform used by over a million business users from all over the world. Ranked as the third most popular e-commerce platform in the world, it has a market share of 12.15%. 

What’s even more intriguing is that this platform offers you complete access to the HTML and CSS files of your store, giving you complete control over how it looks. Shopify offers a variety of price options, like other e-commerce platforms. A monthly cost of $29 is charged for Shopify Basic. The Advanced Shopify costs $79 per month. 

Key Features: CRM, Email Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing, Inventory Management, Multi-Store Management, Returns Management, SEO Management,

Channels: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest


    Squarespace provides a platform for blogging, analytics and SEO to improve the operational services of any small business operation. 

    This platform makes it available for customers to make payments online through popular methods like PayPal and stripe. Squarespace has varieties and designs of mobile-friendly templates you can customize to your satisfaction. 

    Before using Squarespace, it is important to know that it has four plans with different prices. To use square space for your interest, it goes for $12 a month. To use it for your business, it goes for $18/month.

    This plan is good for your e-commerce business if it is a small one. It has mobile-friendly templates, good SEO features, extensive analytics, and a responsive customer service team. The basic plan starts at $26 / month and their more advanced plan goes for $40/month.


Because of the basic and compatible features it offers, Bigcommerce is a popular platform in the fashion, health, beauty and food industries. 

Some of its basic features are customizable themes, verification customization, WordPress integration, Integration of electronic wallets, deals and discounts and a lot of other benefits. 

Like most ecommerce platforms, big commerce has an SEO section that can enable your shop rank high on search engines. 

Additionally, it offers multilingual interfaces. Like other ecommerce solutions, big commerce has different pricing plans. The standard plan goes for $29.95 a month. The plus plan goes for $79.95 every month. The Pro plan goes for $299.95 per month.  

As a small business you can start with the $29.95 / month plan as that would help you handle operations conveniently. 

For rapidly expanding online enterprises, the plus package is a better choice because it includes more sophisticated capabilities like client segmentation and an abandoned basket recovery tool.

Key Features: CRM, Email Marketing, Kitting, Multi-Channel Marketing, Promotions Management, Reviews Management, Templates, Data Security, Inventory Management, Multi-Store Management, Returns Management, SEO Management,

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube

Magento Commerce 

The next item on our list of the top ecommerce operation solutions is Magento. As open-source software, this platform can be altered to meet your specific requirements. Since Magento Open-Source is free, only third-party fees will determine your total cost.

Although the template in magneto is a little more sophisticated and might need some help in development. However, it includes fantastic features including SEO-friendly tools, discounts, and shipping systems to better track and service your clients. It also helps with integration with current systems, handling of recurring payments and member subscriptions.

Volusion eCommerce 

Another piece of ecommerce software is Volusion eCommerce. This platform offers services for both small and large companies. 

It also takes care of all the crucial elements like checkout, payment processing, and order administration with an all-in-one e-commerce software platform that will accommodate virtually any online company. 

More than 180,000 people utilize volusion e-commerce across a range of sectors, including food and beverage, fashion, and retail. 

This platform provides your consumers with responsive, beautifully created themes that can be used on any device. Additionally, it has product category pages, homepage slideshows, content editors, and navigators you can use.

With Volusion, you can quickly process orders, take advantage of the related products features to encourage additional sales, choose from several delivery choices, and conduct secure checkouts.  

SEO, abandoned cart reports, discounts of the day, gift cards, and ROI tracking are other popular features you will get on this platform. 

There are different pricing plans on the volusion e-commerce platform. The personal plan goes for 29 dollars a month. The professional plan goes for 79 dollars a month while the business plan goes for 299 dollars a month. 

Square Online

Another excellent eCommerce operations solution platform for small enterprises is Square ecommerce. You might notice similarities in features with Weebly since it is powered by the same company.  

With square commerce you can easily handle selling operations on the popular social media platforms. While keeping transactions secure, your customers can check out easily in few steps. Among its most well-liked features are product administration, straightforward ordering, SEO, and email templates

Contrary to Weebly, Square can track consumer activity and produce personalized invoices. Additionally, it makes use of AI to support product identification and categorization. It offers a free plan unlike most e-commerce operational platforms. The professional plan, however, costs $12/month.

Key Features: CRM, Email Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing, Promotions Management, Reviews Management, Templates, Inventory Management, Multi-Store Management, Returns Management, SEO Management, Mobile Access,

Channels: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google


With GoDaddy, The most popular e-commerce platforms, like Facebook, Amazon, and eBay, are all accessible to you.  On the other hand, you can advertise your goods on social media platforms like TikTok, Google, Pinterest, and more. 

With this platform, you can handle e-commerce operations from one location and sell anywhere. To utilize easy and effective payment procedures for your business, it works with Google Pay, Apple, and PayPal. 

It has a variety of tools, like SEO and email campaign builders, that you can use to your advantage in your business and themes that are optimized for your mobile devices. 

GoDaddy also provides cloud hosting, a choice that is more common these days. Aside from a free trial, GoDaddy offers a single e-commerce price plan for $19 a month per month. With this price plan, You’ll receive comprehensive analytics and daily assistance to help you run your business effectively. 


Shopware is a platform for building cutting-edge online stores that are easy to use and put the needs of the client first throughout the buying process. 

Due to its flexibility and ease of use, Shopware is the ideal tool for developing extraordinary and one-of-a-kind user experiences. It doesn’t require a high level of expertise in web design or programming. 

Its key features are SEO, scalability, user experience, flexibility, cloud software and a lot more. It is an integrated tool for promoting and building internet stores. 

Shopware is starting to be recognized by many businesses as the ideal tool for building their e-commerce platforms because of its distinct focus that sets it apart from competing products like Shopify or PrestaShop. 

Every element of this platform has been thoughtfully created to enable you to have an easy user experience and a ton of utility.

Features of Reliable Ecommerce Operations Solutions 

Now that we have looked at the different solutions to e-commerce business, it is imperative to also know some basic features for your eCommerce solutions and software you must know and have, for successful business growth. 

features of ecommerce operational solution


The top e-commerce solutions platforms have hundreds of ready-made templates that you may edit as you see fit. You must change the user interfaces to match your brand’s aesthetic. 

Apart from appearance you should be able to customize features like payments, shipping, discounts and coupons. This would all help you tailor the experience for your consumers and encourage more purchases.


Automating routine tasks is one of e-commerce software’s best capabilities. Solving problems like finding customers’ addresses to enable shipping easier, shipping costs, and prices for particular products and customer registration, Sending emails and messages and a lot of other tasking activities. 

Tools for Marketing 

To increase website traffic and your audience, you need to use the good marketing tools these platforms provide. Some good marketing tools should enable you handle the following areas without stressing 

Reporting and Analytics

The analytics and reporting features included in the e-commerce solutions for small businesses enable you to assess your store’s performance and measure success. With these features, you can track the number of visitors, view discounts, returns, and sales history. 

You can also be informed when traffic is increasing or decreasing, view your top categories and products, monitor abandoned carts and analyse historical patterns. 

This will help you have an insight into what is working and what is not working. You will be able to improve and strategize on how to make better sales and satisfy your customers better.


The majority of these e-commerce operation solutions combine with a variety of external platforms to enhance the functionality of your online store. These are some of the most used integrations: 

  • Integration of popular payment gateways like stripe, PayPal and Google Pay
  • Integration of other marketplaces like eBay and Amazon 
  • Seamless integration with the biggest social media platforms.

In Summary

There ae different e-commerce operation solutions available for your e-commerce store, no matter the size of your budget. The bottom line is that each service you choose should enable you to improve your online store operation while maintaining a reasonable budget. 

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