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Top 22 Growth Hacking Courses in 2022 – From $0



Top 22 Growth Hacking Courses in 2022 – From $0

Why Learn Growth Hacking?

Above all, growth hacking is mainly about 3 things: The funnel, the process, and the skillset. This post is about the latter; learning some of the most important skills to becoming a growth hacker.

A growth hacker is a data-oriented marketer who puts an emphasis on analytical thinking.  A growth hacker measures analyzes, tests, compares, refines, and repeats.

Are you looking to become one?

Growth hacking blogs, growth hacking books, and growth hacking courses are some of the best ways you can learn growth hacking.

Besides the many digital marketing courses you may find on the web, you will also need different types of courses to complement your knowledge and become a growth hacker.

These categories include growth hacking courses, but also data analysis courses, and coding courses.

So here are the best online growth hacking courses in 2022.