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Use ‘Look Inside’ to Sell More Products



Use ‘Look Inside’ to Sell More Products

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You’ve likely noticed Amazon’s “Look inside” label alongside books for sale. A similar “Listen” icon appears next to an audio version. Both features help shoppers understand the contents and thus guide them to purchase.

Screenshot of Amazon book page with 'Look inside' label

Amazon’s “Look inside” helps shoppers understand the content. Click image to enlarge.

Inside looks are an excellent way to convey value. While helpful, 360-degree views capture only the outside. Inside views explain a product’s features and reinforce the descriptions and reviews.

For books, a look inside is akin to a movie trailer. It offers a taste of a writer’s style and the story’s vibe.

A “peek inside” clothing would highlight benefits not apparent in standard photos, such as reinforced stitching, interior pockets, or labels. A look inside an inkjet printer could point out proprietary components and common user touchpoints, such as ink cartridge holders and paper trays.

Inside views can be photos, videos, illustrations, or animations, perhaps accompanied by speech or other sound. These internal looks should be engaging to spark shoppers’ interest.

A look inside goes beyond “what’s in the box” and how an item is made. It educates consumers and confirms an item’s functionality, quality, and sustainability. It also streamlines comparisons across products and brands.

Nolah Mattress’s site provides detailed illustrations of its products’ layered construction, followed by an interactive breakdown of each layer. Together, the illustrations answer pressing questions and reveal how the models stand up to competitors’ versions.

Detailed view of inside a modern designer mattress.

Opening up a product educates shoppers. Source: Nolah Mattress.

Illustration of various layers of a mattress.

Interactive illustrations can explain features and quality. Source: Nolah Mattress.

Looks inside physical products should focus on arming shoppers with knowledge and trust. Even simple items such as coffee mugs and storage containers should include interior views since exteriors are often…

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