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What’s New in CXA? Single Sign-On, New Landing Page Analytics, and More



What’s New in CXA? Single Sign-On, New Landing Page Analytics, and More

ActiveCampaign is highlighting a round-up of each month’s releases so you can continue to scale with a platform that’s scaling with you.

What improvements and new features were released throughout February? 

  1. SMS Marketing with confidence. Complete your 10DLC registration to bring SMS to your marketing strategy and confidently send texts that land in your customer’s pocket.
  2.  Drive action with data to create a better customer experience. See which landing pages are driving action with new landing page analytics.
  3. Customer Love. We continue to celebrate your vision by bringing you improvements of your most-loved tools across all areas of the platform.

Keep reading to learn more about how ActiveCampaign is giving you a platform that continues to grow with you, and can be your guidebook as you find success.

1. SMS Marketing with confidence.

Businesses need different ways to get in front of customers, when it matters most, in their preferred channels. All communication channels have a purpose in making sure customers are given the best experience with your brand. Text messages are best used for timely and hyper-relevant engagements, whereas email may be best suited to nurture customers over a period of time. With new SMS compliance through 10DLC registration in ActiveCampaign, have confidence in your omni-channel marketing strategy that you are reaching the right customers in the right way.

Make sure your business is registered to send SMS messages in the USA.

01 SMS

ActiveCampaign’s SMS solution makes it easy to send targeted, automated SMS messages based on a customer’s actions and behaviors – all from within the automation builder on the ActiveCampaign platform. To use SMS in ActiveCampaign, you have to comply with specific regulations that have been imposed by mobile carriers — think carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile. One such regulation is what is referred to as “Application-to-person 10-digit long codes,” or A2P 10DLC (for example, your personal phone number is called a 10-digit-long-code).

All ActiveCampaign Customers who wish to send SMS/Text Messages to recipients with U.S. phone numbers are required to go through an industry-standard registration process. This process will also have a significant impact on the reduction of SMS/Text spam and fraud – a critical challenge in the market today. 

Learn more about the A2P 10DLC registration process here.

2. Drive action with data to create a better customer experience.

You use all different types of tools to run your business — but there isn’t an easy way to make sense of all the data you get from those different tools. It’s even more challenging to take meaningful action on that data to deliver customer experiences that lead to growth.  

ActiveCampaign brings data together from multiple sources and makes it easy to automate meaningful customer experiences from that data, leading to new ways to grow your business.

Know which landing pages are inspiring action with new Pages metrics.

04 Pages Analytics

With new Pages metrics, you will know which landing pages on your website are performing well, and which could use some improvements. Quickly review page Views, Conversions, and Conversion rate right from your account’s dashboard for each landing page.  Stop guessing what works and doesn’t and provide an exceptional experience for each customer across all channels that will inspire them to act.  

3. Continued growth across the platform: how we show #CustomerLoveAC

Deciding on using a specific tool or software to help grow your business is a big consideration. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and we want to continually show how we are committed to helping you grow. That’s why we have a program focused solely on highlighting the ways we are listening to you and making improvements to our product and customer experience to help you grow your business. From brand new features to improvements of your most-loved tools. ActiveCampaign is committed to giving you a platform that can be your guidebook as you continue to chart new territory — and find success.  

Reduce passwords (and risk) with single sign-on.

03 Single sign on

Single sign-on (SSO) lets you automatically log into ActiveCampaign through an identity provider without needing a separate set of credentials. One of the most common cyber attacks on companies of all sizes are phishing attacks, which attempt to make individuals reveal personal information such as usernames and passwords. SSO means better enterprise security for your business by reducing the potential to become compromised.

Enterprise SSO for ActiveCampaign gives you these benefits:

  • Remember one master set of credentials. 
  • Save time and reduce costs. 
  • Automate your workflow. 

Learn more about Enterprise single sign-on here.

ActiveCampaign Mobile App updates for iOS and Android

02 Mobile

The ActiveCampaign mobile app makes it easy for you to view and manage contact information, reach out to contacts, stay on top of your tasks, and keep your deals moving while you’re on the go. Over the last month we’ve rolled out accessibility enhancements to both our iOS and Android apps.

New for Android 

Toggle the visibility of your login password with a push of a button. More control over the visibility of your password lets you easily check if you’ve typed in your password correctly.

New for iOS 

We’ve made several design improvements to the iOS app for an overall better user experience and enhanced icon accessibility. 

What you can look forward to from ActiveCampaign

How does ActiveCampaign make sure you’re up-to-date on new releases, customer requests, and the newest best practices? By giving you multiple options to get the information you need, in the ways that best suit you. 

  • Timely and easy to use product updates. Our product updates page has a weekly release schedule so you can quickly catch up on which new product enhancements are most relevant to your business. 
  • Email updates that keep you in the know. Stay up to date with weekly updates about new releases and enhancements to favorite tools. 
  • A customer community to support your growth. The ActiveCampaign Community is a unified space for you to get advice, network with other users, earn rewards, and get access to new product updates and features. 

Want to keep up to date with us on social? Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Have ideas for new features or product enhancements? Submit an idea. Want to let us know how ActiveCampaign has helped you grow your business? Tag us with #CustomerLoveAC

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