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Why I’m Excited About Working with Dave Gerhardt



Why I’m Excited About Working with Dave Gerhardt

You know that feeling you get in your gut when something is just “working” and you want to tell the whole world about it?

Well, I’ve been sitting on some exciting news for several weeks now and can finally talk about it.

As part of our aggressive growth plans in 2022, we’re partnering with Dave Gerhardt & DGMG over the next year+ as a marketing partner to Metadata and an advocate for our company and platform.

You all know DG from his no-nonsense, direct, “brand-first” approach to B2B marketing from his time with Drift and Privvy, as well as the huge DGMG community that he’s built. 

I had the pleasure of really getting to know Dave from the time we’ve spent together over the last 12 months as he secretly helped me build my personal brand and engage with our community.

He quickly helped me find my voice, understand what people want to hear, and pushed me to be consistent and bold. And it’s really helped. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when he agreed to partner up and help us here at Metadata with branding and category creation.

When I approached Jason and Mark about it, they were so on board that I thought they might actually need a minute to collect themselves. ? 

And now it’s all coming together as we start to work with DG in a much larger capacity here at Metadata. Over the next year, we’ll be working with DG across many different fronts, including:

  • Storytelling. There’s a great story behind every great brand and with Dave, we are now putting the time to craft our strategic narrative and tell our story in a way that’s clear yet true to our vision. In a sea of Marketing technologies (AKA Martech) that all sound the same. We want to maintain our transparent, clear and honest nature and have that reflect in our brand. 
  • Megaphone. With dozens of different publications, podcasts, communities and media – DGMG is one of the no nonsense clearest marketing communities out there, and we are excited to work with Dave and his community to propagate our voice. By Marketers For Marketers! ??
  • Category creation. Metadata doesn’t fit nicely into today’s traditional B2B software categories. Dave will help us identify and build out our category in a way that will help the industry better understand our technology and how we differentiate.
  • Marketing strategy. We’ll leverage many of the strategies DG has honed during his time as a B2B startup CMO, as well as come up with new and innovative ways to get in front of our potential customers.
  • Community building. We are building a community for Demand Gen marketers and are excited to partner with DGMG to help us define, grow and engage that community.
  • Getting the word out. Dave will help promote Metadata be its own medium and channel, and also determine the best way to engage with the right influencers and the analyst community.

Similar to how we shared our demand model, how we created our first conference, and others we plan on writing and talking openly and publicly about what we’re doing together, how we are doing it, the decisions we make, including successes and failures.

In our Metadata fashion, our goal is to help our community be better B2B marketers, as we become better ourselves.

If you choose to join us, you’ll reap all the benefits of the work we’re doing to build our brand, figure out what works and what doesn’t. We’ll take chances, make bets together, and come stronger on the other end.

I’m so excited about what this means for Metadata and feel honored to be working with Dave & DGMG, together with our very talented and wonderful team.

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