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International Women's History Month

Marketers should set the standard

No one is asking why this is important. In fact, most of us are probably asking why we’re still discussing this. Surely it just makes sense. Promotions and positions should be awarded on merits and everyone should be paid equally for them.  

As women advance into senior positions in the industry, we had a responsibility to advance the subject of female representation in marketing. We have to break the bias and smash the stereotypes imposed upon women throughout years of misogynistic marketing.  

As marketers, we should recognize issues that are important to the consumer. Sharing values with your audiences results in stronger relationships. Today’s always-on consumer can see when a brand is jumping on a bandwagon and expressing insincere sentiments – and they’re comfortable calling brands out on it.  

Don’t put fluffy, empty messages out there if you can’t back it up. To be truly authentic in our messages of support to all causes, not just gender equality, we need to align our company culture and vision to the movement. Back up your claims with open and honest communications.  

Change needs to come from the top, with complete company-wide buy-in, but if there’s any wavering support, remember that women are the most powerful consumers out there.  

Women make up 85% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of power and influence. That means antiquated ways of thinking, stereotypical representations of women, or a failure to promote total equality within your business, can cause a complete disconnect with this power audience segment.

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