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ZoomInfo Reveals New RevOS Ecosystem; Highlights MarketingOS ABM Platform



ZoomInfo Reveals New RevOS Ecosystem; Highlights MarketingOS ABM Platform

ZoomInfo, a GTM software, data and intelligence platform, introduced RevOS, its new operating system for revenue professionals. The product ecosystem seeks to provide a unified system for sales, marketing, operations and recruiting teams by delivering the data, insights, software and integrations needed to achieve growth potential in a new insight-driven era of digital selling.

The complete RevOS system includes:

  • MarketingOS, an ABM platform;
  • RecruitingOS, which helps talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers identify, engage and recruit top candidates using flexible, customizable recruitment workflows;
  • OperationsOS, to provide ops teams with access to data-as-a-service (DaaS) tools; and
  • SalesOS, a modern GTM platform for sales teams.

Specifically, MarketingOS is designed to help demand generation and ABM teams target and convert leads into buyers through insight-driven orchestration and personalized engagement across multiple channels. MarketingOS can also turn websites into digital storefronts through enriched forms, unique visitor tracking and human-first chat experiences. Additionally, it features ongoing monitoring of prospect and customer accounts, database cleansing and management and surfacing the best audiences based on fit, intent and engagement.

“Our comprehensive B2B database is the key differentiator that sets MarketingOS apart from other ABM solutions,” said Henry Schuck, Founder and CEO of ZoomInfo, in a statement. “ZoomInfo’s unique data science algorithms allow marketers to connect with the right prospects at precisely the right time. No other solution on the market combines the power of data-driven insights and marketing-optimized workflows like ZoomInfo’s MarketingOS.”

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